sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011

Morgue - The Dark Files [2007]

Nota: Morgue aka Morgue Mechanism. This is a compilation of live, demo, unreleased & remixes tracks. Official Limited CD Promo & WAV/MP3 file on Juno Download & TrackItDown

1 Nature's Freak (Fallen Angel)
2 Light Of Suicide
3 Thieves Like Us
4 Antidogma
5 Scatology (Long Version)
6 Chain Reaction (Apollo IX)
7 Mentality Disturbed
8 Chain Reaction
9 What Can I Do
10 Upside Down
11 Overture (Quorum's Place Sto Andre)
12 Scatology (Quorum's Place Sto Andre)
13 Forever (with Fator Impact - Quorum's Place Sto Andre)
14 Coma (Armageddom Sao Paulo)
15 Antidogma (Television Club Sto Andre)
16 Promising Future (Television Club Sto Andre)
17 Power & Pleasure (Television Club Sto Andre)
18 Controlled Life (Apollo IX)

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