domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009

Skinny Puppy - Back And Forth 06Six [2003]

Nota: Collection of recordings from over the years; comprised of demos and unreleased/forgotten/overlooked/discarded tracks from rescued DAT tapes and cassettes. First Edition (SUB25) is Limited edition of 1500 in a standard jewel case. Later re-released (SUB25B) in a Digipak with different artwork and again limited to 1000 copies. Part 5 of 7 'from the vault...' series. Track 11 was originally intended to be on 'Doomsday: Back + Forth Vol 5, Live In Dresden', but didn't receive clearance from the record company in time to be put on that release. It was previously available as an MP3 download on Nettwerk's website prior to this release.


1 - Meat Flavoured Factor 6:39
Featuring - Joe Vizvary
2 - Brak Yaletown 5:52
Synthesizer [Bass] - Wilhelm Schroeder
3 - Ambient Fruit 7:03
4 - The Poison Mouth 4:00
5 - Schrimpz 3:56
6 - Interview 1:03
7 - Brassy Excellence 4:02
8 - Morphous V2 5:12
9 - Subskull 4:33
10 - Hatekill (V2 Extended Version) 8:36
11 - Hardset Head (Live) 4:13
12 - Scared 2:13

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  1. IN english: Thank you so ridiculously much! I had this when it was fist released from 'the Vault' and it is really a treasure that is impossible to find out in the real world (unless you order it online from SubConscious's homepage). I highly recommend this album to any die hard SP fan who loved Ohg, CEv, and DuanE's music as soloist, too, as SP moved into "THEE PRoCESS". \m/