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Cyberaktif - Nothing Stays - CD, Maxi-Single[1990]

Cyberaktif was a collaboration between Bill Leeb, Cevin Key and Dwayne Goettel. During the heyday of Waxtrax during the early 90's many fans wrote in saying how good it would be to see what would have happened to Skinny Puppy if Bill stayed in the band. Basically Wax Trax paid for the whole project, they paid Leeb and Goettel and Key and gave them use of their studios to produce the album which then appeared on Wax Trax. Bill went under his Skinny Puppy pseudonym "Wilhelm Schroeder" and they recorded one album together and 2 singles. There are no plans for any more.


1 - Nothing Stays (Ext. Remix) (6:38)
2 - Nothing Stays (Version) (3:48)
3 - Black + White (4:31)
4 - On The Reign (5:36)

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